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Federal fisheries disaster declared for Gulf States

The door to federal funding has been opened for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to help those in the seafood industry who have been affected by flooding this year. U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Wednesday he has found that a “catastrophic regional fishery disaster occurred due to extreme flooding events in the Gulf of Mexico.”

How Oysters Grow: Throw a Rock Grow an Oyster

ABSTRACT Field studies were conducted to compare quartzitic sandstone to siliceous limestone in its ability to collect oyster spat, and to determine if sandstone is a suitable cultch for oysters.The difference between sandstone and limestone was highly significant.There was thus a clear preference of oyster larvae for limestone at high salinity and high-larval abundance, and

Oyster’s In Depth

According to Greek Mythology, Aphrodite rose from the sea on an oyster shell, and people have associated oysters with love and happiness ever since. We Continue the tradition and celebrate your own love for oysters at the San Leon Oyster Festival. A fun and festive local event, proceeds from the Oyster Fest go directly toward

Oyster Facts

Lets take a moment to talk about Oysters! Our Oysters are from the brackish saltwater of the Texas bays, that deep cut holds the wild caught salt liquor, the flavor that seeps into your veins. Oysters are one type of bivalve mollusks that are eaten by cultures throughout the world. There are multiple varieties of

San Leon Oyster Fest Donates Clutch Material to State of Texas

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