• 113 6th Street San Leon, TX 77539
  • 281-413-3914
  • info@sanleonoysterfest.com

Vendor Info

Vendor Info

This is a family-friendly pet-friendly public event. Please plan your preparation and selling of products/services accordingly. Vendors of all ages are welcome.

Vendor Specifics

Vendor Set up: TBA

Event Time: TBA

Vendor Tear Down: TBA

Vendor Booth Prices

2020 Prices Coming Soon!

Vendor Map

2020 Map Coming Soon!

Vendor Sign Up

By submitting this for you agree that you are interested in participating in the 4th Annual San Leon Oyster Fest where proceeds go to help restore the Galveston Bay.

I understand that booth space is available on first come, first serve basis. I Understand that I am responsible for operating my booth space within the local County, State and Federal laws pertaining to my business and/or offerings.

I understand that I am responsible for setting up booth and furnishing and additional needs (power, water, etc) that I might require.